Centennial Sportsplex

222 25th North Ave.
Nashville TN, 37203

Frank Wright

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Peranis Hockey World offers skates and sharpening, sticks, protective gear and more.

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Covid-19 Protocol
Spectators are not allowed at the present time. Only active players, rostered coaches, 1 team manager, 1 penalty box vol-unteer will be allowed in the building. Teams will also be allowed to designate 1 person to enter and stream games on Face-book Live, YouTube, etc. Metro Public WiFi is available. • Nashville has a mask mandate. Masks must be worn covering both mouth and nose while in the parking lot and inside the facility. • Each team must provide a team manager or monitor to assist rink/tournament staff with compliance. Team manager needs to check in with arena staff approximately 45 minutes prior to game time. Give us the name of the penalty box and video volunteer at that time. • Team manager will need to check player’s temps before they enter. A reading of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed in. • Players, coaches, team manager, penalty box volunteer, and volunteer livestreaming game must enter together and have a mask on while inside the facility. Players can remove their mask when going to the ice and must put it back on immediately after exiting the ice. Coaches must keep their mask on while on the bench. • Teams should arrive no more than 30 minutes before their game time. After the game, teams will have 20 minutes to get their gear off and exit the building. • Teams will enter the facility through the doors at the bottom of the service drive beside the Nashville Predator’s parking lot. This will be at the Brandau Street parking lot entrance. • Players will be able to dress inside the facility. Some dressing areas will be out in the open so players should come dressed with undergarments that restrict public exposure. • Post-game handshake is not allowed. Stick tap acknowledgement for sportsmanship. • The lobby will be open for bathroom use and Pro Shop entry. • Players must bring their own individual water bottles. No sharing of bottles. • Off ice warm-ups are to be done before entering the building and players should do these individually and not as a team as to ensure social distancing is being maintained. 25th AVENUE