Suburban Ice Arena

2810 Hannah Blvd.
East Lansing MI, 48823

Jeff Mitchell

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WiFi, Free Parking

Covid-19 Protocol
Welcome to Suburban Ice! Ice arenas have been allowed to open on a RESTRICTED basis, meaning, we cannot operate as we normally would. Special protocols have been implemented for your safety and to allow us to meet mandated occupancy restrictions. While our policies and procedures may be different than your home arena, we ask for your full cooperation in helping us make your experience at our arena the best possible. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS AND BE PREPARED TO COOPERATE WITH OUR STAFF WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT OUR ARENA: • Teams will only be permitted to ENTER the facility no more than 15 Minutes before your scheduled game time. Teams are permitted to arrive at the facility earlier, but must remain in the parking lot until allowed to enter. Pre-game meetings and stretching must take place in the parking lot. All players should be dressed in at least ½ of their uniform before entering the building as locker room access and use is limited. PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BRING VALUABLES and showers are not available at this time. • Due to occupancy restrictions, ONLY TWO (2) GUESTS per Player will be allowed to enter the facility. • Prior to entering the building, ALL patrons must check-in via the QR Code attached (see steps as outlined) and have their temperature taken. • Masks are required. • All participants should bring their own water bottle as all drinking fountains and filling stations are closed at this time. • Teams must leave the facility within 10 minutes following your game. To learn more about our safety protocols, please go to Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the arena! Suburban Ice Management Team

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