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Louisville KY, 40223

Don Burton

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Covid-19 Protocol
Youth Ice Hockey COVID-19 Return To Play Guidelines Iceland Sports Complex The steps below will be in place at Iceland Sports Complex, Louisville, KY in order to continue to enjoy the fun and excitement of youth hockey. Please be advised, this is not a comprehensive list and individuals should continue to follow all CDC, federal, state and local orders and guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. • Individuals will take an illness self-assessment at home and stay at home if any COVID-19 signs and/or symptoms. Temperatures will be taken upon entering Iceland Sports Complex. • Individuals with risk factors for COVID-19 medical complications should not enter Iceland Sports Complex. • Face coverings/masks will be worn by all individuals within Iceland Sports Complex including the locker rooms. Players/coaches/on-ice officials (referees) may remove masks just prior to fastening their helmets and skating onto the ice. • Coaches will wear masks while on the players’ bench. Penalty box attendants, game timekeeper, and official scorer will wear masks. The head coach, and other team officials, will remain at least six feet from the on-ice officials when the on-ice officials introduce themselves at the beginning of the game, or during a conversation during a stoppage of play. • Players and on-ice officials will arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to their onice activity and will be fully dressed with the exception of helmets, gloves and skates. Goalkeepers may need to put on additional equipment in their locker room. • Players and on-ice officials will bring their own labeled water bottle to the rink. • Player locker room capacity is limited to 6 players with overflow utilizing chairs inside the ice area. • The officials’ locker room is limited to 4 individuals. No one other than the 4 officials are allowed in the officials’ locker room. Please knock on the door if you wish to speak to an official, and the official will come to the door, while maintaining 6-foot physical distancing. • Handshakes have been eliminated and teams should consider alternative ways to acknowledge each other at the end of an ice session. • Only 1 parent/guardian/spectator per player is permitted inside Iceland Sports Complex. • A maximum of 2 adults/parents acting as a game timekeeper and official scorer are allowed in the scorekeeper box at one time. • A maximum of 1 adult/parent is allowed in the penalty box and will serve as the penalty box attendant. No photographers/videographers are allowed in the players’ bench, penalty bend or scorekeepers box. • At the conclusion of the ice session, players and on-ice officials will remove skates, helmets and gloves and leave the facility within 15 minutes of the ice session. Please exit Iceland Sports Complex through the designated exits for the North and South rinks. Please do not exit through the lobby. The lobby is the designated entrance into Iceland Sports Complex. • Spitting is not allowed anywhere on Iceland Sports Complex property, including the parking lot. • Players, team officials, on-ice officials, timekeepers, scorekeepers and penalty box attendants will complete a COVID-19 waiver and it will be kept on file at Iceland Sports Complex.