Team Contact: Please provide a copy or discuss these rules with members of your group prior to arrival.

Our hotels have asked us to provide you with guidelines for your stay during the tournament. Please remember that you are ambassadors of your hometown and organization and your behavior is a direct reflection on the  community you represent.

To assure that all of our guests, and other guests in the hotel, enjoy their stay, please observe the following:

  1. No discounts, coupons, rooms booked on points, or other hotel rates may be used by tournament guests.
  2. Tournament Room Rates may not be available before and/or after the tournament dates. The hotel’s current prevailing room rates would apply.
  3. Individual room reservations may be cancelled without charge by notifying the hotel directly prior to 3:00 pm on the Monday prior to the tournament. Cancellations after this time are subject to a one  night minimum charge.
  4. Guests checking out earlier than their departure date are subject to hotel charges, up to and including a full room night charge.
  5. All children under the age of 16 must be in a guest room after 10:30 pm. After this time, children are not permitted in the hallways or common areas of the hotel.
  6. No hockey sticks of any kind (ice hockey, shinny hockey, etc.) are permitted in the hotels.
  7. “Hall Hockey” and “Shinny Stick Hockey” will not be permitted in the hotel. Please do not bring shinny hockey sticks into the hotel.
  8. Children must be accompanied at all times in the hotels, including common areas and swimming pools.
  9. In the event of any damage to hotel property, parents and/or the teams representative will be held responsible to compensate the hotel for any loss. (In the event of physical damage, the individual will be billed for the actual cost of the repairs and/or replacement of the damaged items and the related labor costs.)
  10. No running in the hotel hallways or common areas.
  11. Please use the telephone system responsibly. The hotels reserve the right to deactivate telephones if they are misused.
  12. Hotels will provide only one warning when violations of the rules, including misuse of elevators, excessive noise or unruly behavior are observed. Continued disruptive behavior will result in removal from the hotel premises. No refund of hotel or tournament registration fees will be made in this case.