Youth Hockey Tournaments

We are Big Bear Hockey, and we are your source for outstanding youth ice hockey tournaments in 14 different cities across the United States. We are dedicated to providing high quality tournaments, offering the right level of competition at all age and skill levels to make it a fun and memorable experience for all.

What makes a Big Bear Tournament unique is that we work with your team from beginning to end and all points in between. From tournament selection near or far from your home rink to hotel selection, special itineraries and schedule considerations, we take our job very seriously to make certain your tournament experience is seriously outstanding.

We realize there are many choices in hockey tournaments, they are a huge investment of time and resources for the teams, its players and families. Please consider the 25+ years of experience of Big Bear Hockey to be your invitation to a extraordinary tournament. Ready for a challenge? Ready to hit the ice? Show off your team and your talents. We are all over the country waiting for you to arrive!

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Hockey Associations and Ice Arenas – If you’d like to bring a Big Bear Tournament to your arena, please contact us.